The NEW Inspire Praise Bible!

Hello sweet friends!! I’m so excited to show you the NEW Inspire Praise Bible which officially goes on sale December 5, 2017!!! I joined the Launch Team and got my shipment last week and have had a wonderful, glorious time reading, studying and responding creatively to God’s Word in this gorgeous new Bible! I have been Bible Journaling for over a year now and have never been more enamored and immersed in my studying.  Discovering this beautiful way of worship has only drawn me closer to Him and I’m excited to share it with my friends and family!

This was the package I received from Tyndale Publishing when I joined the Launch Team and Sadie immediately claimed the shirt and tried to pry the Bible away from me LOL. I told her it’s “Ours” and that any time she wants to pick it up and read/study/journal that she can.  I love the booklet that was included (I also got one at the workshop that I attended with Amber Bolton at The Bridge Church in Princeton).  I am going to share it with someone who wants to start down this wonderful, creative path.  I post alot of my journal entries on my Instagram (so follow me if you’d like!) but will be making random blog posts with some of my favorite entries.  Also if you want to PREORDER this Bible click on the Bible (an affiliate link) over in the right hand column of my blog to take you to Amazon!

There are over 400 illustrations to color and there are also BEAUTIFUL vellum insert pages to get creative with also!

Our Launch Team has our own private Facebook Group with Amber Bolton and she is absolutely amazing! She is doing weekly live processing videos that we can journal along with her and she is teaching different art techniques.  This entry was from last week’s live on Acts 27:21-25

This verse from Psalms 107:1 is one of my favorites and always been. I am always feeling especially thankful to Him for my family and wanted to honor them!

Psalms 96:1 is another favorite because I’m always singing to Him!

Hope you enjoy these entries in my Bible and stay tuned for more as I will be gearing up to start classes at my home Church Niagara PH in January 2018!


Important Announcement

Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I write this post and share with you today.  I have been in prayer all week as to what to do about the situation with Fun Stampers Journey and I feel like God has led me to the point where I’m at right now.  Last week FSJ emailed us coaches with the pretty heavy news that the cofounder Richard Garay had been fired for cause and that there was going to be some major changes with the company and how things were done.  As could be expected chaos ensued on the Coach Connection which is our private FSJ maintained Facebook page for coaches.  I don’t deal well with drama and tried to ignore the nastiness  and accusations.   I don’t know Richard Garay, I didn’t join FSJ because of him. I ran across Janice’s YouTube and I love her and her style, that’s the reason I chose to sign up under her TOTALLY upfront with her that I’m strictly a hobbyist. I felt sorry for him and his family because they seem like nice people and it’s always tough to lose a source of income.  I made the mistake of watching a video he did on his RG Signature page. He basically stated he had no idea why he was fired and was mildly bashing FSJ for the way they handled things.  It was disgusting to say the least.  THEN a couple of days later he posts a letter that I’m sure was crafted by his lawyers stating that he was at fault that he misused funds and that FSJ was completely in the right to fire him and that coaches shouldn’t blame FSJ and continue to see HIS dream through.

Now let’s be real, I’m here to craft. I’m not here to sell, I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I’m strictly a hobbyist to my upline, to FSJ, and  I only make the online store available for anyone that MIGHT  choose to order something if I inspire them to create something and they need the products.  That’s my whole purpose in this blog, to create and inspire.  I DON’T DEAL WELL WITH DRAMA, in my personal life, in my social media life, or in my spiritual life.  I like FSJ products (hello mixed media) and the low quarterly minimums but there comes a time when the drama just isn’t worth it anymore.  I honestly wish that I had not dropped with SU and am planning to submit my resignation to FSJ soon.  I’m still going to create, just using what I want, when I want, MAYBE, possibly rejoining  SU in the future because I love being part of a company and getting “first” looks and “first” to be able to buy products and at discounts.  I’ve not made a decision about that yet and am not pressuring myself either way as I have to wait 6 months to sign up under a different demonstrator than I had before.  I’ve got some exciting things coming down the line (Inspire Praise Launch team AND I’ve been selected to be on Catherine Pooler’s local stampers team) so there will be plenty of inspiration and creativity to come so I hope you continue to follow my blog and Instagram! Thanks  for being patient with me and above all else, I hope you have a blessed day!!!


21 Days of Fall – Day 11

This is one of my FAVORITE pocket scrapbook pages I’ve created!! My darling little girl (who is now almost 12!) was soooo cute as she was trying to get the bunnies at the fair to talk to her!   I hope you enjoy this cute page! Download here: Day 11

fall day 17

Don’t forget our BIG planner event this month 25% off all planner supplies!!

makeyourmark_social (1)

AND 2 planner kits for $25/each!


ALSO there is a HUGE incentive for joining FUN STAMPERS JOURNEY in October and November, the Designer kit is $25!!!

Contact me if you’re interested in any of these fantastic deals or to join my team!




21 Days of Fall – Day 10

Welcome back to Day 10 of my 21 Days of Fall projects!  This darling bookmark is going into my journaling Bible. I left the back blank so I could write sermon notes or my thoughts about this beautiful Fall season that is coming upon us.  This Hello Fall stamp set has quickly become one of my favorite stamp sets of my collection, l love the speckling in the design and think it makes for truly lovely fall projects!  Make sure to check back tomorrow as I’m announcing the winner of the little giveway I annouced for a sampling of the Fall Fest and the Christmas Cheer printed paper packs!!  I’m also super excited about the project for tomorrow as it’s another scrapbook layout using the pocket pages!  Download today’s project here: Day 10

Hoping you have a blessed day!


21 Days of Fall – Day 9

I am a self professed coffee lover and this cute tag will go great with any coffee related gifts I choose to give!  I love coloring on kraft cardstock and our splash pencils are fantastic coloring tools!  I hope you enjoy today’s project and you can download it here: Day 9


21 Days of Fall – Day 8

I’m excited to bring this cute project to you today!  I have really enjoyed making the 6″x8″ scrapbook pages and have a couple more in store for my 21 Days of Fall!  Thank you for following and supporting me in this endeavor and I really hope you are inspired to create! There has been lots of changes in the FSJ family and lots of NEW and VERY EXCITING promotions and sales planned for us as coaches and you as customers.  I’m so happy to have joined this company!! So here is today’s download:  Day 8

So we had our monthly Bloomcast conference call for coaches last night and alot of information was thrown at us and I can’t wait to get more details that I can pass along to you!


First off if you have been thinking about joining the Journey has a business OR hobby coach the next 2 months is the time to do it!!!  I will definitely post more details as its released BUT the Designer Coach kit will be $25(!!!!!!!!!!!) plus shipping and handling for October and November 2017 PLUS you have the opportunity to purchase the Journey Platinum machine for $50 with a qualifying party order!!!!!  That is CRAZY and such a fantastic deal!! PLEASE contact me if you have even had the slightest interest in becoming part of this amazing company!


Guys, it’s a big one, ALL PLANNER SUPPLIES WILL BE 25% OFF October 1-31!!!! PLUS FSJ is offering TWO planner kits for $25 each and I wanted to give you a sneak peek of both. Some major planner divas will be playing with FSJ’s planners and posting on social media and I will be linking up their fantastic projects and ideas to help get us started (I’m not into planning yet but will be starting also!!!)  I can’t wait to get my hands on the Pretty Planner kit!!


makeyourmark_social (1)


It’s totally cute and I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on it!! I have so many little nephews who would birthday cards made with this super adorable alligator stamp set!


I will also be starting a weekly Bible Journaling post using the Inspire Praise Bible that I will be getting my preorder of next week and hope you enjoy it. I’m part of the Praise Bible Launch Team and hope to INSPIRE you to get creative with God in your Bible or a Journal.  I’ve been journaling for about a year now and can honestly say, it’s completely changed the way I go about reading and praying and digging into the Word. It’s been a blessing and has truly drawn me closer than I’ve ever been to God.   So watch for my unboxing reveal video soon when my Launch Team kit arrives! I hope you have a blessed day!