Hurricane Update

Hello my crafty friends!! I am so sorry for the long absence but I’ve been in full hurricane prep and aftermath mode. For those of you that don’t know, I live in eastern NC in Wayne County and we were struck by Hurricane Florence earlier this month.  Thank God that neither mine or my immediate family were struck with any major damage or loss. We did go without power for a few days but generators are a wonderful thing and none of us lost any food out of freezers or refrigerators.  The main reason I’ve been missing in action is that I am a Food and Nutrition caseworker with our county DSS and the amount of people who have truly lost EVERYTHING is staggering.  We as county employees, man the shelters which were open during and after the storm and we have also been keying a ton of replacement benefits applications.  Our county is also starting with DSNAP Disaster Food Stamp applications today which will mean overtime (and alot of stress).  I will be off this weekend and plan to do some crafting and going to the Wayne County Fair but will be back SOON with some more great projects, tutorials and some HUGE FSJ news that I am beyond excited about and I think you will be too!  The only thing I will spill is a that vastly expanded product selection is coming that I am COMPLETELY stoked about!!!

I will try to post some projects this weekend on my Instagram and will try to get a blog post up but until then, I hope you are BLESSED!



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