The NEW Inspire Praise Bible!

Hello sweet friends!! I’m so excited to show you the NEW Inspire Praise Bible which officially goes on sale December 5, 2017!!! I joined the Launch Team and got my shipment last week and have had a wonderful, glorious time reading, studying and responding creatively to God’s Word in this gorgeous new Bible! I have been Bible Journaling for over a year now and have never been more enamored and immersed in my studying.  Discovering this beautiful way of worship has only drawn me closer to Him and I’m excited to share it with my friends and family!

This was the package I received from Tyndale Publishing when I joined the Launch Team and Sadie immediately claimed the shirt and tried to pry the Bible away from me LOL. I told her it’s “Ours” and that any time she wants to pick it up and read/study/journal that she can.  I love the booklet that was included (I also got one at the workshop that I attended with Amber Bolton at The Bridge Church in Princeton).  I am going to share it with someone who wants to start down this wonderful, creative path.  I post alot of my journal entries on my Instagram (so follow me if you’d like!) but will be making random blog posts with some of my favorite entries.  Also if you want to PREORDER this Bible click on the Bible (an affiliate link) over in the right hand column of my blog to take you to Amazon!

There are over 400 illustrations to color and there are also BEAUTIFUL vellum insert pages to get creative with also!

Our Launch Team has our own private Facebook Group with Amber Bolton and she is absolutely amazing! She is doing weekly live processing videos that we can journal along with her and she is teaching different art techniques.  This entry was from last week’s live on Acts 27:21-25

This verse from Psalms 107:1 is one of my favorites and always been. I am always feeling especially thankful to Him for my family and wanted to honor them!

Psalms 96:1 is another favorite because I’m always singing to Him!

Hope you enjoy these entries in my Bible and stay tuned for more as I will be gearing up to start classes at my home Church Niagara PH in January 2018!