Important Announcement

Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I write this post and share with you today.  I have been in prayer all week as to what to do about the situation with Fun Stampers Journey and I feel like God has led me to the point where I’m at right now.  Last week FSJ emailed us coaches with the pretty heavy news that the cofounder Richard Garay had been fired for cause and that there was going to be some major changes with the company and how things were done.  As could be expected chaos ensued on the Coach Connection which is our private FSJ maintained Facebook page for coaches.  I don’t deal well with drama and tried to ignore the nastiness  and accusations.   I don’t know Richard Garay, I didn’t join FSJ because of him. I ran across Janice’s YouTube and I love her and her style, that’s the reason I chose to sign up under her TOTALLY upfront with her that I’m strictly a hobbyist. I felt sorry for him and his family because they seem like nice people and it’s always tough to lose a source of income.  I made the mistake of watching a video he did on his RG Signature page. He basically stated he had no idea why he was fired and was mildly bashing FSJ for the way they handled things.  It was disgusting to say the least.  THEN a couple of days later he posts a letter that I’m sure was crafted by his lawyers stating that he was at fault that he misused funds and that FSJ was completely in the right to fire him and that coaches shouldn’t blame FSJ and continue to see HIS dream through.

Now let’s be real, I’m here to craft. I’m not here to sell, I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I’m strictly a hobbyist to my upline, to FSJ, and  I only make the online store available for anyone that MIGHT  choose to order something if I inspire them to create something and they need the products.  That’s my whole purpose in this blog, to create and inspire.  I DON’T DEAL WELL WITH DRAMA, in my personal life, in my social media life, or in my spiritual life.  I like FSJ products (hello mixed media) and the low quarterly minimums but there comes a time when the drama just isn’t worth it anymore.  I honestly wish that I had not dropped with SU and am planning to submit my resignation to FSJ soon.  I’m still going to create, just using what I want, when I want, MAYBE, possibly rejoining  SU in the future because I love being part of a company and getting “first” looks and “first” to be able to buy products and at discounts.  I’ve not made a decision about that yet and am not pressuring myself either way as I have to wait 6 months to sign up under a different demonstrator than I had before.  I’ve got some exciting things coming down the line (Inspire Praise Launch team AND I’ve been selected to be on Catherine Pooler’s local stampers team) so there will be plenty of inspiration and creativity to come so I hope you continue to follow my blog and Instagram! Thanks  for being patient with me and above all else, I hope you have a blessed day!!!


One thought on “Important Announcement

  1. Oh Debra, I will miss your FSJ projects. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you a little bit and I wish you’d stay with us – but it’s important to do what’s best for you! Hugs whatever you decide! 💛


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