Fall Peony Blooms Card

I believe we each have a season that “speaks” to us on such a deep level that we almost feel our soul connected to it. For me it’s fall and unfortunately here in beautiful North Carolina we see very little of it.  We MIGHT get a few weeks in October and November, but kids are still wearing shorts to school in October most of the time.  I love the colors, the smells, the chilly air, the promise of the old dying away to make room for the new in the spring.  The leaves are beautiful, county fairs with caramel apples, carving pumpkins and HALLOWEEN. I’m such a kid at heart with Halloween!

This beautiful card showcases the Peony Blooms stamp set along with a our new Fall Fest Prints from Fun Stampers Journey. I’m loving the ombre leaf paper so I’m sure you’ll see quite a bit of it. Color Splash pencils were used to highlight the flowers and leaves.



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august bloombox 1170x630

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august ink pad promo web graphic

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