Proverbs 31 Woman

Hello my beautiful, crafty friends. I hope this day finds you well, safe from the storms and at peace in your life!  I apologize for my absence the last several days but my family and I have been dealing with the death of my beloved Great Aunt Margaret.  She was such a beautiful, loving, amazing woman of God and she is leaving holes in many, many hearts of her family and friends.  She was always known as that lady who kept all those babies. She loved children, she kept so many of her nieces, nephews, friends’ babies and for most of them, she kept their children. She told me one time she thought she had kept around 120 babies (including me and my youngest daughter Sadie).  She was one of my biggest fans (2nd only to my Mama) and ALWAYS encouraged me in all my crafty, education and life skills. She was a constantly telling me how proud she was of me, how I was a good mother, a good worker, and how proud my beloved grandmother, her sister would have been of me too.  She bragged on my love of canning food that I grew in my garden to EVERYONE! She was always telling me that I was just like my Grandma and my Mama which is the best compliment she could have given me.  I just wanted to share the memory page I journaled in my Bible for her.  This passage fit her perfectly. Aunt Margaret you are so loved and will be so missed!



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