My Sweet Brooke’s Prom Album (part 1)

I hope ya’ll are ready to get bombarded with senior year projects as my sweet baby girl (my middle child) Brooke is graduating this coming year! She is dual enrolled in high school and college for the fall. She finishes high school in January 2018 but will walk the stage in June 2018.  My 21 year old son Britt graduated in 2015 and my baby girl Sadie starts middle school this week and my step son Tyler just turned 29 and is MARRIED!!  I’m officially getting old.  I’m so not ready for Brooke to graduate! She is so full of plans and is excited about college and leaving the nest all while I’m crying don’t grow up so fast! It’s tradition in my family and with my church family to have a big graduation party in honor of our graduates.  I went all out for my son’s and plan to with my baby girl too.  I’m doing a four part series of albums for her as a gift and to display at the party. This first one is her prom album, the second will be her senior portraits and the third will be the actual graduation day pictures.  I’ll also be doing one for her to add her own pictures and thoughts to with her and her friends.

She fell in love with this Romantic Journey Prints paper pack from Fun Stampers Journey and I was shocked as my girl is usually not into florals.  She loved the vintage vibe to this collection and ADORED the vintage map print. She even liked the flowers because she said they were BOLD and not too girly pink LOL.

I found a fantastic youtube video showing a waterfall folio album constructed ONLY from chipboard and card stock and I knew that was the direction I wanted to go in.  I had to modify to accomodate 4×6 photos because I refuse to shrink my pictures!  The cover measures 7″x9″x1″.

I hope you enjoy this project and be on the lookout for the finished album as I’m not done with the cover (have to order some black satin FSJ ribbon).  Hope you have a blessed day!

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