Beautiful High Tide

So as a North Carolina girl, I’ve grown up living within an hour of the beaches of NC.  I love the ocean and we always take at least 2 or 3 trips there every year.  I actually prefer going in the early, early spring or in the fall when it’s cooler and not as crowded. There’s just something about sitting on the beach at sunrise with a chill in the air, watching and listening to waves crashing, sea gulls singing to each other and the wind blowing. It’s amazing the peace that God just settles over my heart and soul.  The colors, the brightness of the sun coming up and just glistening over the water is a miracle that I’m truly, truly blessed to experience.  We take the kids to the fishing piers in the evenings and I get to enjoy the sunsets also.

This beautiful set High Tide was such a surprise in the Occasions Catalog and I was so excited to see it and all the possibilities with it.  It truly has some wonderful, encouraging sentiments and I can’t wait to give out a few of these!  This card is a basic A2 4.25″x5.5″ card base made from basic black card stock.  There is just one layer 4″x5.25″ made with whispering white card stock and lots of stamping!  This stamp set is made to over stamp each other and no masking was required!

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